Andrea Tuyn (in blue) in one of the first races she did.

Andrea Tuyn (in blue) in one of the first races she did.

We love to feature people who used to hate to exercise but somehow figured out a way to hate it less, do it more, and sometimes even love it. Here's Andrea's story:

"First, I started by walking 5k and then joined a Couch to 5k group. And a miraculous thing happened! I loved it! They taught me to run SLOW. And once I realized I could do it at all, albeit very slowly, I knew I'd changed. I've come in last more than once. But each time I ran more and walked less until the day I ran the whole 5k. I cried when I crossed the finish line.

Here's the thing. I grew up thin. One of those annoying 'I can eat anything and still stay super thin' people. I was never, however, "in shape." I would have my dad, who is a doctor, write me notes to miss gym class. I could not and would not run the mile for the presidential fitness test. And now, I'm 45, overweight, and a runner. Who now also has a trainer 4 days a week to really get me in shape. So now I love exercise. I still, however, also love FOOD so there is still work to do for me to LOOK as good as I FEEL!"

The best part of the whole story is when someone at work that I vaguely know was told the story of how I started running. One day she came up to me and said, 'You might not really know me, but you inspired me to start running and now I love it!' Basically, her story is the same as mine, and hearing how much it changed my perspective changed HER perspective too!"

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Photos courtesy of Andrea Tuyn