It's a big time for new fitness gadgets:  Nike just announced its new Fuelband SE (available for pre-order for $149). Like other devices, it's smarter at tracking all kinds of activity (not just exercise), showing your progress in real time, and it also reminds you when you need to exercise. Would you want a gadget telling you when to work out?

Also launched: The newest entry into the #Fitbit family (you may already know the company's popular Flex, Zip, or One devices), the Fitbit Force ($129.95) is a one-stop activity tracker that logs all types of physical activity as well as sleep. It also synchs your progress against goals, tracking how many steps you've taken, how far you've gone, how many calories you've burned, and how active you've been overall every day. If you're using other popular fitness apps, like #Runkeeper, #MapMyFitness, #Endomondo, and #MyFitnessPal, the Force will also pull in data from these.

Do you have any fitness gadgets? Do you want one? If so, which one?