One hundred lost pounds later, Kelly is a trainer and Spinning instructor.

One hundred lost pounds later, Kelly is a trainer and Spinning instructor.

We love to feature people who used to hate to exercise but somehow figured out a way to hate it less, do it more, and sometimes even love it. Here's Kelly Hallock's inspiring story:

"I was always overweight and as an adult my weight fluctuated between 250 and 300 pounds. I’d joined a few gyms, but was very self-conscious so stopped going after a short time. However, in 2011, my life was in turmoil and I wanted to change it for the better–including feeling better about myself physically.

I started looking for personal trainers, but only found ones whose websites said things such as, 'I expect you to give me 110%, otherwise don’t show up.'  So I didn’t. I didn’t need someone to yell at me; I was looking for someone who would partner with and encourage me. 

After a month of looking, I found a trainer who was perfect.  He had struggled with his own weight so could relate and he believed in healing not just the body but the emotional and mental issues that had gotten me to 250 pounds. 

I worked out with my trainer twice per week and began to cherish those times as 'me time.'  I was in a high-stress job and those two hours became cherished, as nothing else mattered except taking care of myself.  My trainer then suggested that I start attending the indoor cycling classes that he taught a few times per week also. 

At the end of the first training session, I was sitting on the floor trying to not throw up. And after my first cycling class, I could barely walk down the stairs without collapsing. But it got a little easier each week. I found the cycling classes also to be very healing emotionally.  My trainer called it a moving meditation and it was just that: a calm, centering experience set to rock music!

After a year, I had released 100 pounds with my weight-training sessions and cycling classes being top priority in my schedule.  My trainer and I agreed that I no longer needed the structure that he had provided, so we are now just best of friends rather than trainer-client. This past year, I earned several certifications, including personal trainer and Spinning instructor and hope to get a position teaching classes in the near future.  Being the 'fat' girl my whole life, I could never have imagined that my passion would be teaching fitness!"

--Kelly Hallock, Hollywood, California



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