Kristin in Triangle Pose.

Kristin in Triangle Pose.

We love to feature people who used to hate to exercise but somehow figured out a way to hate it less, do it more, and sometimes even love it. Here's Kristin's story:

 "I h8 running—it hurts my ankles. I h8 gyms—they are smelly and boring (at least they were when I went there) and full of other people. I didn't exercise much at all post-high school, until I ruptured two discs in my neck and the last-ditch chance to avoid a very scary-sounding surgery was to walk daily.  I did, and I avoided the surgery and healed myself and lost some weight in the process. And discovered I liked walking.

I used to do ballet as a girl, and I tried the Esmonde Technique (a classical stretch program), but it wasn't quite right for me. I had always thought yoga looked interesting but was probably too extreme for me. One day, I checked out a Rodney Yee yoga DVD from the library, and I was hooked. I now own about a dozen different yoga DVDs and I am so much happier when I can do yoga each day. Doing it at home is key for me. I am stronger and far more flexible than when I started. It's like medicine for me; it helps my body and it totally helps my mind and mood."   -- Kristin B., San Jose, California, business manager

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Photo courtesy of Kristin B.