If you hate to exercise the last thing you want to do are exercises that are 1) boring and 2) don't really do much for you.  That's why we're asking some top trainers and coaches to share their absolute favorite move ever (or the one they're just really digging right now).

Jessica James is a yoga instructor and the founder of WeHeartYoga.com. She is the creator of the "We Heart Yoga, Prenatal Flow with Jessica James" DVD.

Name of Move: Frog Kriya (Yoga)

Why She Loves It:  "If you want to burn a lot of calories push your breath and do these quickly. If you're feeling tired take them slow and keep your breath fluid," she recommends. "How aggressive this becomes is up to you, which is why it is my favorite move."

How to Do It

"Frog Kriyas are traditionally found in Kundalini yoga, but I find that they integrate easily into a vinyasa [flow]practice or work well when done on their own for a quick pick-me-up," explains Jessica.

Do  the Frog Kriya at your own pace for 2 minutes, with one breath (inhalation and exhalation) per movement. (It will burn but you can do it! says Jessica.)

Start standing in a forward fold (hinging at the hips to fold forward as far as you're able). Your heels should be together and your toes apart, similar to first position in dance/ballet. If your hamstrings (the backs of your legs) are tight and it's a challenge to touch the floor with your hands, use a yoga block or two under your hands as you move.

Frog 1.jpg

On an inhale, squat all the way down and let your heels lift off the ground as you gaze upward or in front of you.

Frog 2.jpg

Exhale as you straighten your legs, returning back to a forward fold. Repeat the fold, into the squat, returning to the fold with one breath per movement. You should feel the Frog Kriya in your hamstrings and quadriceps (thighs). If you do it quickly you'll feel your heart rate increasing.

Frog 3.jpg

Caution: If you have a knee injury or you can’t reach the floor or use a yoga block avoid this pose. It's important to be able to use your hands to support some of your body weight to avoid straining your knees.

Photos courtesy of Jessica James


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