My Favorite Move Ever: Seated Pelvic Circles, from Kristen Eykel

If you hate to exercise the last thing you want to do are exercises that are 1) boring and 2) don't really do much for you.  That's why we're asking some top trainers and coaches to share their absolute favorite move ever (or the one they're just really digging right now).

Kristen Eykel is the creator of the "Yoga Emergency: The 12-Minute Workout" DVD.

Name of Move: Seated Pelvic Circles

Why She Loves It:  "It feels lovely to let go and get lost in the movement, so time melts away ... For women this posture is wonderful to do in throughout your life, including during pregnancy. It stimulates your digestion, and releases tension and anxiety through this peaceful movement and breath. In this connected way, your body also naturally releases hormones to combat pain and stress as well as boost endorphins to give you that sense of strength and energy necessary for daily life. Seated Pelvic Circles can also assist in pumping cerebra-spinal fluid back up to nourish the brain -- which is better than a jolt of coffee to keep you focused and on task. I often use the move for those moments when insomnia hits and it's a challenge to get back to sleep. A few minutes seated swirling in a patch of moonlight in either direction balances the brain, soothes tight joints, and allows me to fall back asleep."

How to Do It: Start by sitting cross-legged on the floor, in what's called "easy pose" in yoga; you can also sit supported, with your tailbone slightly elevated on a cushion, if that's more comfortable for you.

Inhale as you begin to circle your spine from the navel point around forward and exhale as you sink back, rolling back through one hip then through the other, and begin to inhale as you now circle to the front. Move as if you were playing hula hoop. Continue this breath as you allow the movement to be easy and rhythmic.

Close your eyes and roll them upwards and inwards to shift your awareness activating the pituitary gland. In this posture, you can feel your spine lifting you slightly upward and as you continue to circle around, your low back gets a gentle release. The hips, pelvis, and tailbone all benefit from this movement, too, relieving any tension there.

Continue circling in this direction for as long as you like and whenever you feel ready, on an inhale, reverse your direction. Circle in each direction for at least 60 seconds, up to several minutes. Continue moving, circling, and breathing, with your focus upwards and deep into the center of your mind, for as long as you like.

Body Parts This Move Works Most Effectively: Digestion, elimination, kidneys, adrenals, liver, spine, lumbar, hips and mental clarity, stress release

Don't Do This Move If... If you can't sit on the floor you can modify the Seated Pelvic Circles by sitting in a chair or on a stool that allows your torso to move in a circle.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Eykel