If you hate to exercise the last thing you want to do are exercises that are 1) boring and 2) don't really do much for you.  That's why we're asking some top trainers and coaches to share their absolute favorite move ever for beginners (or the one they're just really digging right now).

Apollo Levine is the choreographer, instructor, and star of “Shazzy Fitness: A Time to Dance," a Christian hip-hop dance DVD.


Name of Move: Punch & Drop

To watch a video of how to do the Punch & Drop, click here.

"Have fun with this move," says Levine. "Don’t try to be perfect; just get your body moving to the music and get that heart rate up!"

Body Parts It Works: Arm muscles (biceps, triceps, shoulders); cardio

Sets, Reps & Time: This is up to you, says Levine, but he recommends repeating the sequence as least twice with music.

1.     Starting in a standing position, begin with a "punch" up with both arms at a diagonal to your right.

2.      Next, sit down in a squat and punch down toward the ground with your right arm just behind you and your left arm in front. You should now be in a squat position, so tighten up your core (abdominal muscles).

3.      Return to standing and repeat the punch up to the left, on the diagonal, then drop back down to the ground in the squat and punch down to the left. Your left arm should be behind you, and your right arm in front as you squat.

6.      Staying in the squat, punch your right arm in front, then punch your right arm in back behind you.


7.      Punch your left arm in front, then punch your left arm in back.

Altogether, it looks like this:

Punch, drop to the right.

Punch, drop to the left

Right arm punch front, right punch behind.

Left arm punch front, left punch behind.


As you get more comfortable with the moves you can do them faster. "As you're going up and down, be sure you're keeping everything tight," stresses Levine.

Photos and video courtesy of Shazzy Fitness


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