If you hate to exercise the last thing you want to do are exercises that are boring and don't really do much for you. That's why we've asked top trainers and coaches to share their absolute favorite move ever for beginners (or the one they're just really digging right now) -- the ones that really work and that beginners can actually do.

Name of Move: Standing Cat Kick

Anne Talbot-Kleeman, R.N. and Thomas Kleeman, M.D., are the founders of MDfitness: The Doctor's Workout. Anne is an advanced personal trainer, ASFA-certified, and Thomas is an orthopedic surgeon.

Why They Love It: "This is an excellent move for your entire core, arms and legs," say the Kleemans. "It's also great for establishing better balance and leg strength and it helps to stretch the hamstrings." Best of all, say the Kleemans, the Standing Cat Kick "can be done anywhere and without any equipment, making it a great move for all." They add that the move is suitable for all fitness levels and can be modified based on your abilities; as you gain strength and flexibility you'll be able to raise your leg higher and even do the move more quickly to make the Standing Cat Kick more challenging.

Body Parts It Works: Core, arms, legs

Sets/Reps/Time: 16 to 20 reps

How to Do It:

Stand with your feet together, arms straight out at your sides at shoulder height, perpendicular to your body.

Exhale and extend your straight left leg forward and up to knee height. At the same time, sweep your arms forward at shoulder level and round your spine like a cat.  As you do this, draw your navel in toward your spine.  


Now inhale, open your arms back up, and return to the starting position, lowering your left leg to the floor. Repeat the move with your right leg. Switch between legs for 16 to 20 reps total (eight to 10 reps on each side).

Advanced Cat Kick: Once you’ve mastered the basic Standing Cat Kick, you can intensify the move by meeting your arms and legs at about hip height, as shown below.