If you want to hate your workouts even more, don't drink. By all means, don't hydrate. We can guarantee you that exercise will become even harder and less fun. And if you don't drink water at all, it will eventually become impossible.

All of this is another way of saying that drinking enough water before, during, and after a hard workout -- what's called staying properly hydrated -- will make exercise easier and more enjoyable and allow you to last way longer. Maybe you already know this and you still don't drink enough. That mistake is one most of us make all the time. Which is why we think that a new "smart" water bottle, BluFit, that tells you when to need to drink could be a big help.

Here's how it works: You download the BluFit app (iOS 4S or above + Android) to your phone. It asks you for your weight and age and measures the temperature and humidity outside. From there, it can determine about how much water you need. You then fill your 32-ounce, dishwasher-safe BluFit bottle and start drinking. The bottle-and-app will record how much water you drank and if you're falling behind it can alert you with light and/or sound (you choose which). Inside the bottle's cap is a Bluetooth LE chip, water sensor, and rechargeable battery, which lasts seven to 10 days.

Here's the downside: You can't get the bottle just yet. It's part of an Indiegogo campaign and right now it's available only for pre-order. It's also a little pricey, at $54. Estimated delivery of the bottles is March 2014, plus you get the perk of knowing you're supporting a start-up business.

How do you stay hydrated? Do you use a hydration pack (like Camelback) or do it old school with a hand-held bottle and just drink when you're thirsty?