C'mon! You do have time to work out if you watch a lot of TV (and who doesn't?).

Fit people make time to work out.

A University of California, Berkeley, study found that the average American adult spends an alarming nine times as many minutes watching TV or movies as they do on physical activity – making it hard to believe that more of us can’t manage a measly 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise. “I would say people do have the time to [exercise] – the trouble is that they set up conflicting schedules,” says Wendy M. Rodgers, Ph.D., professor of physical education and recreation at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Look for flexi-time in your schedule, or places where you can double-task. If you are a TV-watcher, put your exercise machine in front of the TV and you will do it. People tend to hide their exercise equipment away and it becomes a pain to drag it out.” Rodgers lives her creed: “In our major TV-watching area we have an elliptical trainer and a bike right behind the couch. I want to be with my kids, so if you have this set-up you can watch the kids since they’re right in front of you."

Photo by by jronaldlee / Flickr