• Are You Ready to Change?

    So how, exactly, can you know whether you're really ready to make a change in your life when it comes to exercise? Because if you're not going to do this, what's the point of spending 30 seconds more of your life on this site, right? There's a burrito, a beer, and a couch with your name on it right now (there always is).
  • Goal: Start a Walking Program

    If we really want to succeed, we all need to choose a workout that’s simple to do; cheap or free; doesn't take up a lot of time; and doesn’t force us to buy or use a lot of fancy equipment.  That's why this goal is still the best first step (ha!) to getting fit and healthy.
  • Goal: Run 1 Mile

    Anyone who has ever taken sixth-grade P.E. knows the mile. Sure, a crazy few kids loved it, but most of us simply dreaded this test of fitness. The truth is that learning to run a mile is a great goal, and one that's possible for practically everyone. Get the training plan.
  • Goal: Run a 5K

    Think running a little over 3 miles is as likely as running to the moon? It's not. Really. Here's where to start, including a training program that will take you from zero fitness to race day.
  • Goal: Complete a Sprint Triathlon

    A sprint triathlon -- which features shorter distances of biking, cycling, and running than in a full or Olympic triathlon -- is a great place to start multi-sport competition. Distances vary, but generally speaking, in a sprint triathlon you'll swim .5 miles; bike 12.4 miles; and run 3.1 miles (a 5K).