Weight Loss

  • Weight Loss: Stick with Exercise

    Exercise, on its own, is almost never enough to shed enough calories to take off serious weight. Most of us would have to work out at the intensity and frequency of a professional athlete—people whose job is to exercise—to burn enough calories. Who has time for that? Read More
  • Weight Loss: Eat & Repeat

    Variety is usually not your friend when it comes to weight loss. The truth is, if you can adopt a sort of "Groundhog Day" mentality to what you put in your mouth it could serve you really well. Here's how to eat and repeat.
  • Weight Loss: Track Yourself

    The main reason you need to track your progress is that most of us are incredibly bad at accurately knowing how much we're eating or how much or how hard we're working out. It doesn't matter whether you use a fancy fitness gadget or a 99-cent notebook to keep track of what you're doing. Read More
  • Weight Loss: Get Support

    Who is your lifesaver? Who gives you the support you need to succeed in your goal to exercise more and hate it less?  Here's why getting support (it doesn't even need to be human!) is so important.
  • Weight Loss: Deal with Feelings

    Getting rid of extra pounds is hard enough, but when you're feeling very low, or very tense, it's that much harder. So our advice is to try to get a handle on stress and depression before you really try to shed weight too. Here's how.
  • Weight Loss: Eat Whole

     If you've ever heard the expression "whole foods" and thought it was just an overpriced grocery store, here's what it really means, in a general sense: Whole foods are foods that are either not processed at all (so as close to how they naturally grew or were grown/raised as possible) or that have very little processing (meaning nobody added lots of flavoring, salt, sugar, fat, colors, preservatives, and chemicals or did something to the food, such as cooking, frying, etc.).  So "whole" means as close to natural as you can get, with as few added ingredients as possible and as little processing as possible.