If you hate to exercise the last thing you want to do are exercises that are 1) boring and 2) don't really do much for you.  That's why we're asking some top trainers and coaches to share their absolute favorite move ever (or the one they're just really digging right now).

Cindy Whitmarsh is the creator of the creator of the UFit Video series, among others. Here's her favorite move, the Step 360 Shimmy Burpee:

You will need a Step 360 or a similar device to challenge your balance as you do this move. Here's how you do it: Squat on the Step 360 and shimmy on the step from side-to-side holding the squat for 10 seconds.


Next, jump down to the ground behind the Step 360 and land in a squat.


One you're in a squat, do a burpee: Place your hands on the Step 360 n front of  you and in one movement shoot both feet out behind you so you're in a push-up position (in the "up" position); that's a burpee.

(If that's too difficult you can extend one leg and then the other, and then bring one foot in and then the other to come back to a squat).


Once you've returned to a squat, jump back on the step for another shimmy on the step from side-to-side, holding the squat for 10 seconds. Repeat the move for 4 to 8 reps.


Photos courtesy of Cindy Whitmarsh